4-wheel Traction Control

  Monocoque Body with Built-in Ladder frame
Front Midship Layout
Independent Suspension

4-wheel Power Control

Super Select 4wd II (SS4 II)
Rear Differential Lock

4-wheel Slip Control

Multi-mode ABS + EBD
ASTC and Rear Differential Look
Independent Suspension

Monocoque Body with Built-in Ladder Frame

They say that superior off-road handling capability could only come at the expense of on-road smoothness. They have obviously never driven Montero. By incorporating a lightweight and highly rigid monocoque body with a built-in ladder frame that provides added resistance to torsion and flexing and fixing them atop a dynamic independent suspension, Montero achieves an unprecedented combination of all-terrain control and luxury-sedan comfort.

For added durability, Montero now makes more extensive use of galvanized steel body panels, while the new aluminum hood panel reduces weight for better handling.

3.2-liter 16-valve DOHC Intercooled Turbocharged DI-D

Delivering satisfying torque performance in the low and mid ranges, this engine, equipped with an electronic Direct Injection Diesel System, gives a turbopowered ride that skimps on neither excitement nor fuel economy.

5 speed automatic transmission

Designed to make your life easier the Intelligent and Innovative vehicles Electronic control System (INVECS-II) is Montero’s smart – thinking, five speed gearbox. By using advanced computer control, the INVECS-II transmission can learn different styles of each driver and adapt gear change strategies to suit.

Shift the lever across into sports mode position and just by pushing the lever up or down in the appropriate direction, you will shift gears almost instantly and smoothly.