Pajero Sport

Flexible Utility Space

Your life isn’t one size fits all and your vehicle shouldn’t be either. With all three rows set up, there’s room for you and six passengers with ample storage space available at the rear. In addition, several other seating options are also possible and the setting up of the folding seats is a snap!

Flexible Utility Space

A. Fold the front-row and 2nd–row seats completely flat to createa comfortable sleeping area for when you need to rest.

B. Fold the 3rd-row seats down flat to create a wide utility space with room to spare for five people (7-seater only)

C. Fold down part of the 60:40 split 2nd-row to store long items and still have ample room for your passengers.


Powerful brakes with vacuum booster

To provide as much carrying space as possible, the 3rd -row can be folded flat and 2nd-row folded forward and out of the way. You can also fold down just one par of the 60:40 split 2nd – row for carrying extra long cargo.

ABS with EBD

The 3rd-row seats can be easily folded and unfolded separately, giving you plenty of room for groceries, suitcases or bulky cargo, while still leaving lot of seating space for all your passengers.



-> Superb Style & Design
-> Power packed Performance
-> Outstanding Opulence
-> Robust Ride & Handling
-> Terrific Technology & Safety

Pajero Sport Mitshikas


Mitshika # 1
Pajero DNA- Globally Successful Model

Mitshika # 2
Powerful engine with VG turbo (178 PS, 400 NM) & Great Fuel Efficiency

Mitshika # 3
Super Select 4 WD
2 Wheel Drive + 4Wheel Drive (4HLC & 4LLC)

Mitshika # 4
Multimode Center Information Display

  1. Compass
  2. Barometer
  3. Altimeter
  4. Outside
  5. Temperature
  6. Audio Information
  7. Average Speed
  8. Average Fuel Efficiency
  9. Driving Range
  10. Digital Clock
  11. Calender

Mitshika # 5
Safety Shell: ABS with EBD + 2 Airbags + Rise Body

Mitshika # 6
Minimum turning radius 5.6 meters

Mitshika # 7
Added Comfort
Middle Row: 60:40 Adjustable & Last row 50:50 split Adjustable

Mitshika # 8
Front Auto Air conditioning & Rear Manual Air Conditioning (2 Rows)

Mitshika # 9
Rear Stabilizer for Added Comfort